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Zion National Park Campgrounds

The Zion National Park consists of three campgrounds. Both the South Campground and Watchman Campground are located in Zion Canyon, while The Lava Point Campground in the Kolob Terrace Road is a 1-hour drive from the area. You can’t find any campgrounds situated in Kolob Canyons. You can only camp on designated campsites, and not in parking lots or pullouts. As camping is getting popular nowadays, you can expect all campgrounds to be full by mid-morning, especially from the March to November period.

To secure your camping spot, you can book in advance via the Watchman Campground. If you can’t reserve a spot in advance, it’s recommended to arrive at the site early instead.


Zion Canyon Campgrounds

Both the South Campground and Watchman Campground are located near the south entrance. Albeit a desert, you can get a good shade from the few trees nearby. Some campsites are fortunate enough to be situated in a shaded area, but most of them don’t.

Temperatures during summer can quickly reach 35 Celsius, so it’s best to prepare in advance. You should keep in mind that you might be situated in a sunny campsite without any shade. If you’re lucky enough, your campsite will be by the side of the Virgin River.

You can reach the campsite via a maximum of two vehicles, except if you’re riding an RV which only allows one. Each of the campsites can only accommodate up to three tents with six people, so if you’re camping in groups, you have to plan ahead of time. You can use hammocks, but they are limited to the campsite’s footprint.

There are comfort stations nearby which provide access to trash containers, cold drinking water, and flush toilets. There are, however, no electrical outlets and showers. If you badly need to shower, you can head to Springdale which is just a walking distance from Zion Canyon. You may also ride a bicycle or shuttle which is often free from March to November. At Springdale, you can buy goods and other important stuff. They also have a medical clinic in case you need some medical supplies.

Quiet hours start at 10 PM up to 8 AM. You can also bring along pets but you need to have a leash that’s no longer than 6 feet. If you plan to hike with your pets, you may do so on the Pa’rus Trail and the road.

You’re only allowed to camp for up to 14 nights from March to the middle of November. This is actually implemented across all campgrounds. Meanwhile, you can enjoy an additional 30 nights during other months.