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Southern California Camping

If you are looking at camping in Southern California then there are a few tips you should perhaps know about in order to make your overall vacation that bit more enjoyable. There are many things you can do in the area and of course many campsites you can stay at so doing some research into every aspect of it should really be the first tip.

The campsites are spread all over the area and they are going to cover different price ranges so as with any kind of vacation you do need to have an idea as to how much money you are willing to spend as a budget. Do check that they are accredited to the relevant tourism boards so you then know that they are to a certain standard as they must still be hygienic and clean places to stay at.

It is an ideal kind of holiday if you prefer the great outdoors as there are many forests and mountain trails for you to explore either on foot or even on bicycle and there are several companies in the area who you can hire them from. This is a good way to explore the vastness of the area from your campsite but it is important you know where you really should go from your base.

One place to consider is Point Mugu State Park which offers you the chance to do some wild camping in Southern California with its mix of Pacific coastline and hiking trails. There is an actual campsite within the area but most people prefer to get off the beaten track and avoid using the official sites.

Another place to consider staying at and exploring is Mount San Jacinto State Park which has two drive in campsites to choose from as well as four set up for hikers. It contains mountains over 10000 feet tall and mile after mile of trail to explore and it is still not too far from urban life in case anything went wrong.

One other main place to look at perhaps camping at is the Joshua Tree National Park which has nine campsites for you to choose from and is regarded as being one of the most popular areas for this type of holiday within the state. They have established a series of trails which are very educational and therefore ideal for families as they teach you about the area and its ecology. There are also numerous other trails to explore with some of them more off the beaten track but it should be noted that this is an inland area so do not expect access to the coastline like you get with some other campsite areas. One of the most popular campgrounds here is Hidden Valley Campground, and we definitely recommend camping here.

You should just be aware though that many of the campsites are going to be best during the summer months as many are located in areas that do get very cold in the winter. They may stay open but obviously you then require different types of equipment in order to survive.

So when you are looking at camping in Southern California just make sure that you do some research into where you would like camp and also see what there is to do in your immediate area. Some are more accessible than others and of course the prices change as well but this is the kind of information that should be known before you go ahead and make any bookings.