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Kalaloch Campground Information

If you want an adventure in the southwest coast of the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State, then Kalaloch Campground is your best bet. The campsites aren’t really situated directly on the beach, although you can still enjoy the view with sites that overlook the ocean.

The campground is situated in the middle of the peaceful coastal line and forest area. Despite being bombarded by frequent rain all year round, it’s still a highly visited area. 

What to Expect

Kalaloch translates to “a good place to land” in the native Quinault tongue. It is a good place with an abundance of natural areas waiting for you to discover. The Pacific Ocean that lies below is teeming with marine life. Beyond the 73-mile coastline are three national wildlife refuges and a sanctuary for marine life.


There are nearby steps that lead to the beach. From there, you may explore the beach and discover a number of scenic views and trails. The Kalaloch Creek Nature Trail, for example, is a mile walk via the forest where the Kalaloch Creek traverses towards the ocean. You can also come across nearby lookout points in Beach Trail 4 and Ruby Beach.

If you’re a fan of bird watching, Kalaloch will never disappoint you. The area is actually famous as a birding hotspot. You can encounter several species such as the bald eagle and western gulls. If you prefer fishing, you can also enjoy the activity in the area. While swimming is allowed, Kalaloch is not a very welcoming place to do so. The area is frequently bombarded with driftwoods and potential rip tides which are quite dangerous for swimmers.

Facilities Available at Kalaloch Campground

Kalaloch Campground consists of 168 campsites with four accessible sites and a single group site. Each of the sites has its own picnic tables and campfire rings. You can access potable water from the loop restrooms along with food lockers. You can’t find any electrical outlet, but there’s a dump station nearby.

You need to pay 10$ to access it though. If you have an Access Pass or are a senior citizen, you only need to pay $5. If you want a shower, you will have to take a 9-mile ride. Meanwhile, if you need to buy goods and firewood, there’s a nearby general store available.

Other additional features:

  • 7-day maximum stay limit
  • You need to book in advance if you prefer an ocean-view campsite
  • Be cautious when swimming, especially during high tide to prevent injuries
  • You are not allowed to gather firewood from the campground, although you can purchase it from the Kalaloch Lodge which is just 0.5 miles south
  • If you have a discount pass, you should check in at the registration kiosk once you arrived
  • You should contact them at 360-962-2030 if you’ll arrive beyond 7 PM on your first reserved night. Failure to arrive before 8 AM the next day results in a canceled
  • If you plan to hike the coastline, make sure you check the tides first. You can refer to the updated charts which you can find at the Kalaloch Information Station. Certain areas may be too dangerous during high tides, so extra precaution is strongly advised.
  • Riptides are common. Exercise caution and swim at your own risk.
  • You can ask for information from the Ranger Station during summer regarding the natural and cultural resources throughout the area. You may contact them at 360-962-2283.