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Finding The Best RV Replacement Shower Stall

When thinking about replacing shower stalls in RVs remember that the needs for different RV’s vary.  Some Class C vehicles may only have a stand up shower, while Class A and Class B bathrooms may accommodate a bathtub and shower together.  Whichever the case, you will find that it is easy to find replacement RV shower stalls that are not difficult to install and that will add to your overall comfort and enjoyment of your travels.

If you are not happy with the general repair of your shower stall, you can check with any one of a variety of retailers that specialize in supplies and accessories for RV’s.  Your local RV dealer may stock a wide range of supplies for Fleetwood mobile homes, as well as a number of other brands.  You will find the Neo Angle RV shower stall, which is shaped in a right angle to fit snugly into the corner of a small bathroom.  It measures 65 inches high with floor dimensions of 36 by 36 inches.  It comes in ivory or white and sells for around $155.00.

If your RV houses a bathtub and a shower, you can purchase these together in kits.  One example measures 38 inches long by 62 inches tall, and features molded shelves to hold soap, shampoo, and so on.  It comes in white and parchment, and is made by Lyons.  This is priced at around $155.

If your bathtub is intact, but you want a replacement for the shower enclosure, you can find kits to do this.  The 3-Piece Surround model is one example.  This kit offers a contemporary appearance; the kit measures 59 ½ inches high, and 54 inches wide.  The sidewalls are each 27 inches deep, and altogether, you can buy the kit for around $165. There is a wide range of kits, so you will find something whether you drive a Winnebago, Prevost, Itasca, or another brand of motorhome.

Other brands include the 54-inch Deluxe Fiberglass Shower Unit.  This is an all-in-one shower stall with molded seats and shelves.  It measure 54 inches wide and 35 inches deep, and sells for around $640. There are many other options for many different RV’s from Airstream to Monaco to Holiday Rambler, and beyond.  Prices vary according to size and materials.

Most contemporary mobile homes will have standard size shower areas, so it is easy to find new units to fit when they need to be replaced.  One standard unit is the Standard Shower Stall.  This unit is built for a stand-up shower with molded seats and shelves for soap and shower supplies.  It includes a rod for a washcloth or towel.  It is available in various sizes; the unit that measures 72 ½ inches tall by 36 inches wide sells for around $130.

The Lasco Fiberglass Sectional Shower, available, is a 2-piece kit that installs easily into your designated shower area.  It is 72 ¾ inches high and 36 inches square, and it comes in your choice of 20 different designer colors.  You can purchase this product for around $550.00 to $750.00.