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Camping In Ohio

There are many ways to spend your vacation – and going camping in Ohio is one of the more beautiful. You can go backpacking and try many different trails of interest.

Amenities on Ohio State Campgrounds

Ohio campgrounds accommodate all types of tents and trailers. In addition, they also provide drinking water, restrooms, pads for parking a car or trailer, picnic tables, and fire rings.

Aside from the aforementioned amenities, there are also electrical hook-ups for your portable electrical appliances, showers, laundry facilities, camp stores, and playgrounds for your children.

Ohio State Parks

There are two major state parks you can choose from in Ohio: these are Burr Oak and East Fork.

Burr Oak State Park

Resting on the southeast part of Ohio, Burr Oak State Park offers a country charm with its wooden hills and valley farms environment. Dubbed as a quiet and remote camping ground in Ohio, it offers a wide array of overnight accommodations and blends modern conveniences with the wilderness nature of Ohio.

You can find miles of forested ridges and hollows that comprises the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. Several forest creatures are wandering in the mountains including the white-tailed deer, ruffled grouse, box turtles,and wild turkey. The shore of its lake is inhabited by beaver and waterfowl species.

East Fork State Park

It is one of the Ohio’s largest state parks. Its terrain consists of both rugged hills and open meadows, setting the stage for a wonderful getaway.

One of Ohio’s largest state parks, East Fork offers a great diversity of recreational opportunities and natural history only 25 miles from Cincinnati. The park’s terrain includes both rugged hills and open meadows, setting the stage for a wonderful getaway.

Its landscape includes rocky cascades, thickly-grown floodplains, marshy grasslands, and swamp forests. It manifests abundant plant and animal life.

You’ll find the campgrounds have electric hookups, showers, flush toilets, drinking water, beaches and a boat ramp. Pets are permitted in designated areas.

You can also rent a spacious cedar cabin with all the amenities of a fully equipped RV (weekly rentals).

Trailers are for hikers and backpackers with approximately 10 miles of scenic park areas and a 20-mile round trip. The 32-mile Steven Newman Worldwalker Perimeter Trial circles the park and is available for hikers, backpackers and horsemen.

Those who enjoy water sports will find the lake very accommodating with 2,60 acres of water and unlimited horsepower boating and access available at six launch ramps.

You can also go fishing and hunting with the lakes offering excellent catches of large-mouth and small-mouth bass, bluegill and crappie. For the sport fisherman, East Fork is stocked with the Hybrid Striper.

You can picnic, swim and enjoy area attractions such as Point Pleasant, Stoneclick State Park and Cincinnati.