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Buying the Best RV Replacement Shower Door

Whether you are driving a Winnebago or a Holiday Rambler, a Class A mobile home or a Class C, your inside accessories are almost as important as your external amenities because there is no point in travelling and camping if you are sacrificing comfort.  One of the many accessories we often take for granted is a RV shower door.  Different vehicles have different styles, and replacements for each of these are available through various local dealers that specialize in RV supplies.

Of course, the best product for your RV is the one that fits your bathroom space, matches closely or exactly what you had in place before, and that is for sale at a reasonable price. Your local RV dealer should be able to find very you a specific shower door to fit each of the models made by Fleetwood.  For example, the Challenger Glass Shower Doors are a double door set, available in a number of dimensions to meet your RV’s specific needs.  Prices for these contemporary doors range from $440 to $540.

Your local dealer should stock products for a range of popular RV’s, including Airstream, Prevost, and Monaco.  Here you will find retractable pleated shower doors; this style is very convenient in close quarters because they require no space to swing open.  The Ivory Pleated Shower Door, measuring 36 inches wide by 57 inches tall, sells for $66.  It is made from durable laminated fabric.

You can upgrade your motorhome bathroom in your Class B or A vehicle by replacing your retractable door with the RV Triple Panel Glass Door, measuring 36 inches wide by 67 inches high.  This is a triple set of sliding doors in elegant rain glass with gold trim.  It fits most modern bathroom units, and sells for around $185 online.

You can find all sorts of different things dealing with recreational vehicles.  Some local dealers even sell used models of Itasca, Fleetwood, Prevost, and other popular brands.  One product carried here that works for many different models is the Pleated Shower Door in white or ivory.  This is a versatile, easy to use, easy to clean door that is also reasonably priced.  Depending on the size you need, the prices vary from $84 to $94.

From the Challenger Series, to the RV Neo Shower Doors for those RV’s that feature a stand-up shower with have the modern Neo Angle Shower Pans in the bathrooms.  You can choose from silver, gold, and bronze trim, and you may opt for clear or tempered glass.  These doors range in price from $950 to $1,040.  The door is for enclosures measuring 70 inches high, and with width dimensions of 17 by 24 by 17.

The Irvine Shade and Door Shower Door is made from durable, stain resistant fabric, that is easy to install and easy to use.  This door features a handle bar rail system that makes opening and closing the door smooth and easy.  It is priced at around $88.  The package includes all necessary hardware for installation.