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Buying RV Replacement Skylights

Just because you purchased a used Winnebago or Holiday Rambler does not mean you cannot customize it to exactly what you want from your motorhome.   One great set of accessories you can add to heighten your enjoyment of your camping experience is RV skylights.  You can choose options that open so that the roof vents allow in cool air in the evenings, or add stationary skylights that simply add light to the inside of your home away from home.

Whether you are looking to add a new skylight or find a replacement for an existing one, the High Performance Polycarbonate Single Pane RV Skylights are durable, attractive domes that are easy to install and easy to clean.  You will enjoy the modern appearance it gives your vehicle, and you will love the added sunlight it allows inside your camper.  No matter whether you drive an Airstream, a Prevost, or a Fleetwood, you will find this product works well with all brands.  It is priced at around $141.

Another contemporary option is the Bri-Rus RV Skylight Inner Garnish.  This skylight fits an opening of about 18 by 30 inches, and is easy to install.  It comes with a 10-ounce tube of urethane sealant that will keep it from leaking and prevent future repair needs.  This attractive skylight can be added by itself or periodically down the length of your RV, depending on the size your vehicle.  Obviously, a Class C vehicle may need fewer skylights than a Class A.  This product is priced at around $190.

If you are looking for a skylight for your RV, it is best to start with RV dealers that specialize in supplies for recreational vehicles.  You will find a simple set of skylights that come in various sizes and can be purchased in clear or smoke glass.  Prices vary according to the size you choose.  These are universal RV skylights that will look great on any vehicle, whether you drive a Monaco, Itasca, or any other brand vehicle.

Possibly the one drawback to a skylight in your RV is the fact that there is constant sunlight or moonlight streaming in.  There is an answer to this dilemma; add a skylight cover so that you can choose when you want light and when you do not.  The Skylight Shade opens easily and hooks to cover your skylight and opens easily when you do not need it.  It sells for around $55.

You can customize the skylights for your RV.  Whether you camp a little or a lot, you want your Class B, Class C, or Class A vehicle to meet your exact specifications, and customizing your skylights is a great way to achieve this. Have a look online and see the variety of corner, square rectangular, and even round products available.

A screened version of these wonderful skylights, the Elixir RV Roof Vents, open to expose a screen that will offer much desired breezes on a summer evening.  They open by hand from the inside, and close just as easily.  They fit roofs that are 1 ¾ to 2 ¾ inches thick.